Donner Kebab

Chicken Kebab

Chicken Tikka Kebab

Mixed Chicken Tikka Kebab

Chicken Tikka and Chicken Kebab

Mexican Kebab

Special Kofta Kebab

Donner Meat Kebab and Chips

Chicken Kebab and Chips

Large Tray of Doner Meat Kebab

Large Lamb Shish Kebab

Large Mixed Grill Kebab

Combination of Donner kebab, Chicken Kebab, Lamb Sish Kebab Served in a Special Box with Chips, Salad, Sauce and 2 Pitta breads

Chef Special Kebab

Donner kebab, Chicken tikka kebab, Lamb sish kebab, kofte kebab, Chips and Salad, two Sauces (chilli garlic) Two pitta bread for 2 persons